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Formulating a Feed Program for: A Senior or Retired Horse

Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., gives diet advice for geriatric or retired horses. ...


Why Does My Horse Lick?

Equine nutritionist Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., discusses oral behaviours in horses. ...


Is it safe to let my horse drink from a pond or stream?

Find out if it is safe to let horses drink from ponds and streams....

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Getting Inside the Gut

Experts at the Ontario Veterinary College are looking for better ways to diagnose gastrointestinal tract problems. ...


Cut the Feeding Frenzy

Slow feeders are designed to help horses eat a controlled amount of hay which mimics natural grazing....

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Feeding the Equine Athlete for Optimum Performance

Getting the best possible performance from an equine athlete requires not just excellent fitness and training, but also excellent feeding and nutrition to fuel the work effort....


Food for Thought

Do we truly understand the implications of what we feed horses? HSI takes a look at the latest research into sport horse nutrition....


Should I Warm my Horse’s Water When it’s Cold Out?

Find out why water intake is so important all year-round....


Equine Supplements

Careful research and sensible feeding practices are necessary to avoid over-supplementing...


Is it Safe to Feed Himalayan Salt to my Horse?

Because it is unprocessed, Himalayan salt contains numerous other minerals, but are they helpful?...

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