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Alternative vs Traditional Treatments

The pros and cons of using complementary therapies, with advice on how to do so safely, from traditional vets and alternative therapists....

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Tendon Transplants – New Hope for Hopeless Cases

When asked about the tendon injury 14-year-old grand prix jumper Angelli sustained three years ago, his rider, Harley Brown, could not have been any more succinct. 'He had a huge hole in his left rear superficial digital flexor tendon,' recalled the ...


Skin Tumours: Not Your Ordinary Bumps

Find out what to do when skin cancer strikes....


Conformation Effect on Injuries

Are knock-kneed or bow-legged horses more prone to front leg injuries?...


Pigeon Fever

The good news - and the bad news - about a disease that has nothing at all to do with birds...


The Well-Stocked Equine Medicine Cabinet

Find out how to stock your equine medicine cabinet simply and sensibly. ...


Basic Equine Dental Care

To understand your horse's dental needs, you need to know what's going on in his mouth at each stage of his development, says certified equine dentist Grant MacKinnon of Prince Albert, SK. ...


Taking on the Pain

Pain produces an individual response in horses, which makes it harder to assess the degree of suffering but the sooner we recognize a problem, the better our changes are of resolving it quickly....

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Seasonal Pasture Myopathy

Peril in the pasture...

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New Way to Treat Strangles

A veterinary case out of the UK has produced a new way to treat horses with strangles....

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