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Decoding Equine Emotions

Equine psychologist, Antonia Henderson, PhD, describes what we know - and what we think we know - about horses' emotions. ...


Nutrition Notes: Pica

Eeew! Why does my horse eat poo?...

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Why Horses Paw and How to Prevent It

Equine psychologist Antonia J.Z. Henderson, Ph.D. explains how to stop pawing....

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The Happy Athlete Part 2

In the final part of this series, equine psychologist Antonia Henderson looks at why we need to know our equine athletes better, discover what they need for their psychological well-being, and ensure that it happens....


Make Fly Spray Application a Breeze

Teach your horse to actually enjoy having fly spray applied, one small step at a time....

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Keeping the Herd Happy

Management tips for keeping horses safely in groups....


Talking to Horses: Exploring Communication & Understanding

Equine psychologist Antonia J. Z. Henderson, Ph.D., explores communication and understanding between humans and horses....

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