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How to Cope with the Loss of a Horse

Dr. Shelley Goodwin explains that grief is an individual process, and offers suggestions for coping with the loss of a horse.

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Insult to Injury

The effect of rider pain on dressage performance

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Beyond Concussions

The permanent consequences of repeated head injuries.

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Truth and Consequences of Concussions

Brianna Kerr shares the story of how she became "grounded," unable to ride because of her struggles with post-concussion syndrome.

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The Rider’s Fitness Routine

n order to stay strong and sound, it's important to participate in a well-rounded fitness program that consists of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, etc.


Stretching for Horse & Rider

As long as your horse doesn’t have any kind of illness or injury, chances are he can benefit from stretching. Keep reading to learn some new stretches.

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Limber Up for the Long Haul

Learn some helpful stretches to make your trail riding experiences pain-free.

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Blinded By The Light

The dangers of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the eyes