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Top 10 Horse Nutrition FAQs

Horse owners' most frequently asked feeding questions. ...


Does My Horse Need Vitamin D in the Winter?

Find out if you need to provide a Vitamin D supplement for your horse during the winter months. ...


Gluten Sensitivity

Can horses have a sensitivity to gluten?...


Feeding Frenzy: Trends and Myths in Feed

Dr. Shannon-Pratt Phillips investigates new trends and myths in feed for your racehorse...

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Cutting the Carbs

How to feed the insulin resistant or “metabolic” horse....


Do I Need to Feed my Horse More in the Winter?

When horses digest forage it generates heat. Find out how much you need to feed to keep your horse warm. ...


Understanding Fatty Acids

Shannon Pratt-Phillips, PhD, explains the science of fats and their role in the equine diet....


Causes of Poor Appetite in Horses: Tempting the Picky Eater

Why is your horse refusing the feed you offer him?...

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Weight Loss

Many owners need to put their horses on a diet in effort to achieve weight loss and a decrease in body condition. ...


Equine Metabolic Syndrome: Too Much of a Good Thing?

A fat horse is not necessarily a happy horse, no matter how much he loves his food. Find out how high-sugar, high-starch diets harm horses and what you can do, naturally, to treat and prevent the damage....

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