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Top 10 Horse Nutrition FAQs

Horse owners' most frequently asked feeding questions. ...


Feeding for Racing Energy

How much forage, sugars, and starches are required to provide your horse with the racing energy he needs?...


Legume Hay vs Grass Hay

There are important differences between legumes and grasses....


Feeding for Weight Gain

While many horse owners struggle to keep their easy keepers lean, others have the opposite problem: their horses need to gain weight. ...

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Understanding Vitamins

Learn which vitamins are required in your horse's diet, which are not, and how to ensure he gets the right amount. ...

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Back-to-Work Feeding Program

Get advice on adjusting your horse's diet as you go from a lower level of work to show-shape condition....


Herbal Immune Boosters & Natural Detoxifiers

A look at herbal treatments and natural detoxifiers for improved immune system health – what to expect, and what to be careful of....


Transitioning From Pasture to Hay

Get advice on how to transition your horse from pasture to an all-hay diet over the winter....


Foal Weight: Is Thinner Better?

Average daily weight gain for a foal in the first 2-3 months can be as much as 1.4 kg (3 lbs) per day!...


Comparing Supplements

Get advice on choosing a supplement to balance your horse's diet, from equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, PhD....

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