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He Scoots, He Scores!

Meet Nyquist, the two-year-old horse that bears the name of the Red Wings forward....


A Place of Our Own (Humour)

Humour columnist Doug Breen lists the reasons he and his wife, Krista, will never own a farm of their own. ...


Maritime Snowbirds

Lured by the sunshine and mild temperatures, a number of East Coast rider/coaches haul rigs full of horses to Wellington, FL, the winter home of North America's show jumping and dressage elite. ...

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Flower Power

Evie Frisque is a virtuoso of making jumping courses beautiful....

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Conquering the Derby

Canadian Heidi Telstad won the 8th annual Mongol Derby in a three-way tie. ...

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A First Timer’s Guide to Riding To Hounds

Our intrepid Mongol Derby reporter, Liz Brown, is taking on new challenges this year, starting with riding to hounds for the first time....

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The Growing Trend of Riding Ponies for Adults

What’s the appeal of petite equines?...


Canadian Legends Reflect on the 1988 Olympics

A chat with Cindy Ishoy, Ashley Holzer, Gina Smith and Evi Pracht....


Wild Horses in Canada: Pest or Precious Heritage?

Some see them as pests to be managed, while others fight to protect their free-roaming way of life. Learn more about the plight of our wild horses....

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What it Takes to Become a Race Official

The AGCO employs 16 Race Officials, responsible for administering the Rules of Racing for all three breeds – Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Standardbred – before, during and after a race card. Traditionally, race officials had different ...

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