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The War Against Worms

New targeted deworming strategies are designed to keep your horse healthy, and prevent drug resistance....


How do I Winterize My Horse?

Just because your horse might be enjoying a little 'down-time' in the winter months does not mean that you should be any less diligent regarding his care and management. Advance planning and a few simple precautions will ensure he stays healthy throu...


The Gentle Touch

Learn how to give your horse a really great back rub, from registered equine massage therapist, Lindsay Day....


Understanding Rain Rot

How to treat and, even better, prevent rain rot....


Headshaking Syndrome – One owner’s story

Symptoms and treatments for this puzzling affliction...


Tick Talk

The incidence of tick-borne diseases in horses is increasing in Canada, possibly driven by climate change. ...

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Alternative vs Traditional Treatments

The pros and cons of using complementary therapies, with advice on how to do so safely, from traditional vets and alternative therapists....


The Well-Stocked Equine Medicine Cabinet

Find out how to stock your equine medicine cabinet simply and sensibly. ...


Health Q&A: Rabies

What are the signs of rabies in horses? ...

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Good Vibrations

What is Vibration Plate Therapy, and does it work?...

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