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What’s New in Equine Research

Updates on equine research across Canada from stem cells, sudden-death syndrome, proud flesh and other pertinent racehorse ailments...

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Name That Bulge

Did you know horses can get hernias too? Find out what to do if you notice a bulge on your horse's body, how to manage a hernia, and how to recognize signs of an emergency case....


Can Horses Choke?

Swift action is key when your horse is choking....


Performance-Suppressing Drugs: The Dangers of Medicating

How do Performance Suppressing medications affect our horses?...

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Antibiotic Resistance in Horses

Learn how the evolution of resistance may result in the inability to treat even the simplest infections....

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Rural Equine Vet Shortage

What can be done to ensure veterinary services to far-flung horse owners?...

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Iceberg Injury

How an insignificant-looking cut nearly ended a horse’s life....


Complications in Late-Term Pregnancy

Your mare was successfully bred, confirmed in foal, and made it through the often precarious early months of pregnancy without any problems. You heave a sigh of relief and relax, thinking your mare is home-free ... but is she?...


Cushing’s Syndrome

An unshed winter coat may herald the onset of this debilitating disease...


Getting to the Point: Equine Acupuncture

Learn about the various types of acupuncture and its place in equine veterinary care....

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