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Breeder Awards Case Study: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is an excellent case study of how a breeding industry will rapidly decline without long-term funding....

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Breed the Perfect Foal

Three experts in the breeding industry explain how to choose a stallion to best compliment your mare’s strengths and weaknesses....


Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome – Saving the “dummy foal”

Your mare has just had a foal. Perhaps the birth went smoothly, perhaps there were some difficulties - but either way, the foal is here. ...


European Breed Databases: Miles Ahead of the Field

Exploring the world of information available to breeders...

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The Cloning Conundrum

It was not so long ago that cloning was the topic of occasional futuristic horror movies, an ominous concept that provoked a mixture of fear and ethical doubt in most people....

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Why I Can’t Afford to Breed an Ontario-bred Horse

Challenges facing Ontario Thoroughbred breeders....


Do the best racehorses make the best sires?

The surprising pattern of how top racehorses produce sire and broodmare sire lines...


Transitioning Racing Fillies to Broodmares

How to help fillies take on new careers as broodmares....


Case Closed

The Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association, which established Warmbloods as a distinct breed in 1991, has triumphed after a 12-year controversy to ensure that they remain a distinct breed....


Health Q & A: What is a Chimera?

In Greek mythology, the Chimera (ki-mee-ra) was a fire-breathing monster, a hybrid composed of a lioness, a goat, and a snake. Sighting the Chimera was a portent of storms, shipwrecks, and volcanic eruptions....

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