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12 Top Rules for Feeding Horses

Feeding horses doesn’t have to be complicated if you remember these important guidelines from equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D.


Activated Carbon: Bogus or Bonus?

Find out if feeding activated carbon supplements can help improve your horse’s health, and if there are any risks associated with feeding them.


Winter Feeding

In the winter when it comes to the nutritional requirements of horses, the biggest difference is in the horse's calorie requirements.


Winter Weight

Many horses have a tendency to lose weight over the winter. Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D. offers tips for preventing winter weight loss.


Legume Hay vs Grass Hay

Just by looking at the excellent nutritional quality of legumes, one might wonder why they shouldn’t feed their horses legume hay.


Three Reasons to Feed Oils

This article highlights three main reasons why you should be feeding your horse oils, plus how it should be done, which type and how much.


Miraculous Microbes

Invisible yet crucial, the tiny organisms of the equine microbiome are invaluable to good health.


Herbal Immune Boosters & Natural Detoxifiers

Keeping the equine immune system healthy to help fight off infection and disease is one area where herbals have generated a lot of interest.


Foal Weight: Is Thinner Better?

This article answers the question surrounding keeping young horses thin to help with soundness later in life, and whether it is accurate or not.

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What Not to Eat

Our horses are surrounded by toxic plants. The good news is they tend to avoid them, provided there is enough decent food around to eat.