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Winter Hoof Care Woes

When it comes to winter hoof care, “one size doesn't fit all,” says Doug Butler, Ph.D., CJF, FWCF and author of The Principles of Horseshoeing.


Going Barefoot

It might raise a few eyebrows, but Marc Blouin is finding going barefoot works when it comes to his band of thoroughbreds.


Getting to the “Sole” of Stone Bruises

Every horse will likely have to deal with stone bruises at some point during their lives but the situation is usually resolved fairly easily.


Coronary Band Injury: More Than Cosmetic

An injury to the coronary band can have long-lasting effects, from a small blemish, to disrupted hoof growth and permanent disfigurement.


Advanced Diagnostic Imaging and Hoof Care

It is important that before advanced diagnostic imaging is done, previous examinations should have narrowed the source of the problem to a specific area.


Extreme Makeovers – Hoof Edition: Saving Sadie’s Hooves

There is a great sense of terror only farriers know: what started out as a perfectly good hoof shape suddenly gets away from you and you can't get it back.

By: Hans Wiza
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Pro-Active Hoofcare for Racing Thoroughbreds

In this article Fran Jurga shares 15 pro-active tips to get the horses in your care to put their best feet forward on race day.


Buyer’s Guide: Hoof Care Tools

What's in your farrier's tool kit?


Nutrition notes: Can diet affect hoof health?

The first step in any investigation into hoof health, is to take a close look at your horse's diet, this can be done with the help of a nutritionist


Hoof Abscesses

Some horses only develop them once or twice in a lifetime; others can have chronic problems. In either case, abscesses are extremely painful for horses.