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Finding a Good Equine Nutritionist

I feed my horse well and he appears healthy. Do I really need an equine nutritionist?...

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Ask Us – Horses Eating Straw

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., discusses why horses sometimes eat straw....


Foal Weight: Is Thinner Better?

Average daily weight gain for a foal in the first 2-3 months can be as much as 1.4 kg (3 lbs) per day!...

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Riding Bending Lines

Anne Gage offers tips for riding bending lines with balance, direction, rhythm and communication. ...


Feeding Horses Recovering from Colic Surgery

Your horse has come through colic surgery with flying colours, but what should his diet consist of while he recovers?...

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Feeding to Prevent Winter Colic

Colic often occurs as a result of changes in nutritional management, particularly over the winter months....

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Hay Cubes vs Haylage

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, PhD, gives advice on feeding hay cubes and haylage....


Feeding Horses with Cushing’s Disease

Learn how to manage your Cushing's horse's diet. ...


Does My Horse Need Vitamin D in the Winter?

Find out if you need to provide a Vitamin D supplement for your horse during the winter months. ...


Healthy Treats

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., offers advice on choosing healthy and convenient treats to use as food rewards....

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