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Navicular Syndrome: Using New Technology to Unlock the Secrets of this Complex Lameness

Improved diagnostic techniques offer veterinarians a clearer view of this complex, debilitating disease. As a result, they will be able to provide more accurate prognoses, and develop better treatment and management plans for horse owners. ...


The Aliens Inside

Your horse's health depends greatly on the health of microscopic organisms that reside in his gastrointestinal tract. ...

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Weight Watching

How to determine the ideal weight for your horse for health and soundness....


Using Lasers to Blast Bladder Stones

A look at a surgical alternative to eliminating bladder stones....


Joint Medication of the Future

Researchers are working to improve joint medications....


What is Stringhalt?

Stringhalt (also called springhalt) is an affliction involving spasms of one or both hind limbs which presents as abnormal, exaggerated flexion of the hocks. ...


Equine First Aid Kit Essentials

Our comprehensive first aid kit includes everything you could ever need for any kind of barn emergency....


Saving Lives in the Lab

At veterinary colleges across the country, researchers are working hard to find innovative ways to diagnose, treat, and better understand colic....


A Long Road to Recovery: Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Learn how to increase your horse's odds of recovery following a strain, sprain or tear....


Fighting Horse Show Epidemics

Understanding how horses contact one another in a show environment leads to an improved understanding of disease prevention. ...

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