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Electric Fencing Options

Gone are the days of the unreliable, ugly, sagging bare wire running around the perimeter of your pasture. ...


Got Mud?

Mucky pastures are a sure sign of spring. Use these handy hints to make mud more manageable. ...


Scratching The Surface

While the FEI's White Paper on Equine Surfaces lacks concrete recommendations about what types of footing to use for each discipline, it highlights the deficiency of data and the need for research so guidelines can be written....


Mud Management: Lessons Learned from Golf

Mud, a common foe of horse paddocks and golf courses alike....

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6 Diseases You Can Catch From Your Horse

Find out which gross and potentially fatal diseases you can get from your horse, and how to avoid them....


The Equipment Shed

Get advice on buying horse farm equipment with tried and true, cool and new features. ...

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Top 10 Fencing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Fencing is expensive and can be time-consuming to install and maintain. To protect your investment, you want to be sure that you have taken every possible step to ensure your horse's enclosures are safe, properly erected, and will last for years....


Trailer Trauma

Go along with Shawn Hamilton on a trailer ride you won't soon forget....


Blueprint for Disaster: Construction Law

From holdbacks to owner liability, knowing the ins and outs of construction law can mean the difference between a successful project and a financial nightmare....

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Add a Little Nature!

Improve your farm's health and save money with these clever management practices....

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