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Housing Options for Horses

So, you finally have a horse of your own - but where are you going to keep him? ...

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How Much Land do you Need to House Horses?

Get advice on planning an equestrian facility....


The State of Animal Cruelty Laws in Canada

Find out which animal cruelty laws exist and how they are monitored and enforced in this country....


Proof of Ownership

Find out what forms of permanent horse identification are used, which are safe and which are most effective....


The Joys and Challenges of Horse Ownership

Despite early setback, optimism still reigns in Manitoba over the new fractional ownership group called The Assiniboia Racing Club....


Money-Saving Tips for Horse People

The nation's horse people are peering deeply into their pocketbooks to find the means to afford their equine pursuits. Here are dozens of clever ways to save money....

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Keeping the Herd Happy

Management tips for keeping horses safely in groups....

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