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Lateral Thinking with Charlotte Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin presents a series of lateral work exercises to improve suppleness, straightness, transitions, and the quality of the gaits in horses.

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Building Confidence in Your Horse

Try these two desensitizing exercises from trainer Josh Nichol to help your horse learn how to deal with unexpected with confidence.

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Lessons from a Dressage Schoolmaster

Alison King visits grand prix dressage trainer Leah Wilkins to get schooled by an upper-level veteran dressage horse, and learn the true feel of ‘correct.’

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Halt Fast and Square

The halt remains an often ignored component of training horses. Here are three reasons to tune your horse’s breaks, and ways to do it.

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Train Your Horse to Back-off a Trailer Calmly

Find out why horses rush when they back off trailers, and how to retrain them to make trailer loading and unloading a more positive experience.

By: Anne Gage
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Effective Lungeing Exercises

Does winter weather have you arena-bound? Give these lungeing ideas and other fun indoor stuff to do with your horse to ease the boredom a try.


5 Tips for Improving Your Leg Aids

Here are five handy hints for developing better, more effective leg aids, so you stop losing your stirrups or gripping your horse’s sides.

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Desensitizing Methods 101

Here are a number of techniques – some of which are effective, and some which need to be shelved permanently in the name of “desensitizing” horses.

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Meaningful Round Pen Training – Part 2

In part two of his meaningful round pen work series, Josh Nichol explains how to direct your horse effectively, once you’ve gained his focus.

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How to Improve Your Horse’s Ground Manners

Instilling proper manners through groundwork adds to the everyday enjoyment of spending time with your equine partner. Learn how to do it safely.