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Paralysis by Analysis: Do you Think too Much?

Paralysis by analysis frequently happens when we are nervous; an unfortunate part of the flight-or-fight syndrome, read this article to find out more.

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3 Steps to Turn Around Jealousy

Registered psychologist April Clay offers psychology tips for dealing with jealousy.

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Eye on the Prize: Ignore Distractions to Achieve Success

Learn how to ignore distractions to achieve success.

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Coping Strategies

Sport – and life – come with emotions, and sometimes they are strong and interfering. We must learn to distinguish between feelings and actions.


Rider Psychology: Dealing with Fear

Feelings of fear and apprehension can trigger the flight-or-fight response, a natural change in your body as a result of feeling threatened.

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Horses as Healers

When Don Wood returned home to Clearwater, Nova Scotia from a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2007, he was haunted by memories of what he’d witnessed.

By: Liz Brown