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Focus on Footing

Over 30 equine, veterinary, and footing specialists from three continents gathered at a special two-day equine surfaces forum held in Switzerland.


Stop Barn Fires Before They Start

The Perth East Fire Department in Ontario shares tips for how to prevent barn fires.

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Give Them Shelter

Researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have conducted a study on the use of paddock shelters in the summertime.


Pasture Poisons

While there are hundreds of species of weeds toxic to horses, the following six include two of the most poison, deadly ones.


Equine Horsepower

Horsepower can still be found on farms and elsewhere doing traditional work efficiently and often more successfully than machines.

By: Liz Brown

Pasture Management for Better Forage

Implementing a system using sacrifice paddocks, rotational grazing and proper maintenance can improve pasture quality and provide more forage for horses.

By: Joel Bagg

Blueprint for Disaster: Construction Law

From holdbacks to owner liability, knowing the ins and outs of construction law can mean the difference between a successful project or a nightmare.

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Add a Little Nature!

Improve your farm's health and save money with these clever management practices.


Trailer Trauma

In this article Shawn Hamilton explains the trailer ride that she'll never forget and soon to be a trailer ride reads won't forget.

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Married… With Horses

More and more couples are working together in the backstretch.