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Cooling Hot Horses

A hot, humid day. One rider, one horse. Both are exercising at a moderate level, but who is more likely to overheat? Your horse gets hotter much faster.


The Mystery of Equine Dementia

Can older horses be affected by senility or dementia, similar to elderly humans? Surprisingly, there has been very little medical research in this area.


Taking the Holistic Approach to Solving Skin Problems

Find out what you can do to promote healthy skin, and which natural remedies are good for treating common skin conditions.


Outdoor vs Indoor Boarding

Both veterinarians and horse owners speak about how to create a healthy environment for horses, whether indoor or outdoor boarding.

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Blinded By The Light

The dangers of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the eyes


Lumps, Bumps and Shocking Developments

Like people, horses can experience allergic reactions or side effects from a wide variety of substances or drug combinations, some quite serious.