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Anhidrosis in Horses

The condition known as anhidrosis ‒ the complete absence of sweating ‒ can pose serious problems for your horse during hot weather, including potentially fatal heat stroke....

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Horse Stretches for Cool Downs & Improved Recovery

Stretches to improve your horse's health and performance. ...

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How Massage Therapy Improves Muscular Function

How massage therapy improves muscular function for optimal equine performance. ...

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A Surgical Cure for Cushing’s

Currently, the only treatment for Cushing’s is daily drug therapy, but researchers at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine are working on a long-term, surgical solution....


Healthy Mouth Hit List

The top 10 equine dental problems and how to correct them....

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Antibiotic Resistance in Horses

Learn how the evolution of resistance may result in the inability to treat even the simplest infections....


8 Targeted Strengthening Exercises for Horses

Targeted exercises for the back, belly, front and hind ends....


Shipping Fever

Trailering your horse to a show or clinic? How to prevent and recognize this dangerous infection....


Equine Asthma: How to Cope

Coping with the group of airway diseases now called Equine Asthma....


Conformation Effect on Injuries

Are knock-kneed or bow-legged horses more prone to front leg injuries?...

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