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How to Shop Smart When Buying Used Saddles

Get expert advice on shopping for used saddles....


Top 9 Saddle Fitting Problems

A trio of Canadian experts divulge their most common saddle fit issues and how to fix them....


Buyers’ Guide – Treadmills, Equine Style

Time-saving fitness tool or therapeutic aid, treadmills in whatever form, are as valuable to horses as they are to humans....

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English & Western Saddle Fitting Fundamentals

Learn how to make sure your horse is comfortable with this saddle fitting primer from expert English and western saddle makers....


Traditional Saddles vs. Treeless Saddles

Discover the pros and cons of riding in traditional saddles with trees compared to today's treeless saddles, according to the experts who design and fit them and the riders who use them....

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Bitless Bridles Reviewed

Is your horse a candidate for a bitless bridle?...


Tradition Meets Technology: Innovations in Saddle-Making

Modern saddle designers aim to uphold tradition while catering to the demands of the sport....

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