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Does Soaking Hay Affect the Nutrient Content?

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, PhD., explains that soaking can leach nutrients from hay, but for horses with certain dietary needs, this may be necessary....

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Weight Loss

Many owners need to put their horses on a diet in effort to achieve weight loss and a decrease in body condition. ...

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Nutrition Notes – Hay

Learn how eating hay helps keep horses warm, and why you may need to feed more during the winter....


Selenium Toxicity and Deficiency

Selenium, one of the most interesting of all nutrients, was known for its toxicity before being identified as an essential nutrient. Selenium is important in immune response and as an anticarcinogen. The power of its antioxidant activity has been wid...


Feeding Horses with COPD

Horses coping with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) - also known as 'heaves' - don't have specifically different nutritional requirements, but feeding management is critically important. ...


How to Manage a Horse with Respiratory Illness

Get advice on how to manage, feed and medicate a horse with respiratory illness....


A Perfectly Tasty Paddock

Equine nutritionist Shannon Pratt-Phillips Ph.D. explains how to maximize your horse's pasture....


Feeding for Healthy Foals

Much of a foal's future health depends on it receiving adequate nutrition in utero, once it is born, and through to its first birthday....


Winter Weight

Tips for preventing winter weight loss....


Three Reasons to Feed Oils

Why to feed oils, plus how, which type and how much....

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