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Hoof Mechanics Makeovers

Farrier Hans Wiza uses three different case studies to demonstrate how even just one geometry-based shoeing can make a huge difference in a horse's hoof conformation and movement....

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Saving Sunny

A journey through founder...

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White Line Disease: An Infection of Opportunity

Learn how to detect white line disease, a sneaky infection that can afflict any horse....

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Pro-Active Hoofcare for Racing Thoroughbreds

Fran Jurga shares 15 pro-active tips to get the horses in your care to put their best feet forward on race day....

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Cushioning the Blow

When to create comfort with hoof pads and packing materials....


How Often Should a Horse’s Feet be Trimmed?

Recommended frequency for trimming....


Preventing Snowballs

How to deal with ice and snow balls in your horse’s hooves. ...


Getting to the “Sole” of Stone Bruises

A simple bruise on the sole of a horse's hoof can lead to greater complications if it's not caught and treated quickly. ...


Hoof Abscesses

Identifying, treating and preventing this source of pain for the horse and frustration for the owner...

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