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Taking on the Pain

Pain produces an individual response in horses, which makes it harder to assess the degree of suffering but the sooner we recognize a problem, the better our changes are of resolving it quickly....


Equine Gastric and Colonic Ulcers

Recognizing and treating gastric and colonic ulcers....


Health Q&A: Tail rubbing

Q: My horse's tail is a frayed mess from rubbing - why is he doing that?...

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Tendon Transplants – New Hope for Hopeless Cases

When asked about the tendon injury 14-year-old grand prix jumper Angelli sustained three years ago, his rider, Harley Brown, could not have been any more succinct. 'He had a huge hole in his left rear superficial digital flexor tendon,' recalled the ...


The Lowdown on Laminitis

While research into this devastating disease is ongoing, many aspects remain a mystery to experts and horse owners alike. Get advice on how to cope with a horse who suffers from it. ...

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Hock Headaches: Bog Spavin & Bone Spavin

Bog spavin and bone spavin are two separate conditions that can affect a horse’s hocks. Find out how to tell them apart and what to do about them....


Navicular Syndrome: Using New Technology to Unlock the Secrets of this Complex Lameness

Improved diagnostic techniques offer veterinarians a clearer view of this complex, debilitating disease. As a result, they will be able to provide more accurate prognoses, and develop better treatment and management plans for horse owners. ...


C. difficile: A Fickle Foe

Toxic strains of this anaerobic bacterium can have severe consequences beyond gastrointestinal upset, in both horses and humans. Good hygiene is key to preventing infection, which can be difficult to treat....


Bandaging Limbs with Wounds

Learn the correct way to bandage wounds on limbs, from first aid to aftercare. ...

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