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Manure Success Stories

These farm owners are taking a proactive approach to manure management....


Surviving the Ice Storm

On Dec. 21st, 2013, a massive ice storm hit southern Ontario, Quebec, and eastern Canada. ...

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Focus on Footing

Six years of FEI-funded research was presented at a special two-day equine surfaces forum with experts from three continents discussing the effect of arena surfaces on the orthopaedic health of sport horses....


Best Biosecurity Practices

Use these 10 tips to protect your farm from disease. ...


Eco-Friendly Horse Keeping: 10 Ways to Be Green

Get 10 tips for eco-friendly horse keeping....

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Married… With Horses

More and more couples are working together in the backstretch....


Equine Horsepower

Working horses can still be found on the farm and elsewhere doing traditional work efficiently and often more successfully than machines....


Trailer Trauma

Go along with Shawn Hamilton on a trailer ride you won't soon forget....

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Give Them Shelter

Research shows what type of shelters horses prefer and when and how often they use them....

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Add a Little Nature!

Improve your farm's health and save money with these clever management practices....

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