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Great American Patrons

In the second of our series on the people who provide the horsepower, American horse owners Abigail Wexner, Anne Sparks and Bruce Duchossois share their experiences....

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Equine Life Numbers

A universal traceability system for horses in Canada is necessary - and inevitable...

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A Perfect Match: Find an instructor who is compatible with you

The perfect instructor is someone that brings out the best in you. You might not always be friends (and you don’t need to be, outside of the lessons), but you respect the person because he or she knows your strengths......

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Rescue and Reality

Taking on the challenge of adopting and retraining a horse that has suffered neglect or abuse can be immensely rewarding....

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Letting Them Go

The toughest responsibility and the greatest act of love....


Pre-Purchase Exams: A Snapshot in Time

The components and challenges of the pre-purchase exam...


Finding and Developing Good Ponies with Jackie Tattersall

Whatever aspirations of Olympic gold medals a child may possess, podium finishes will rely on a solid foundation put in place by a child's trainer and their most important teacher: that first pony....


The State of Animal Cruelty Laws in Canada

Find out which animal cruelty laws exist and how they are monitored and enforced in this country....

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Show Me the Money: The lure and perils of the year-round show circuit

The North American phenomenon that is the year-round show circuit has far-reaching effects on those involved in the industry....

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What to do When your Horse is the Herd Outcast

When your horse doesn't fit in....

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