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Young Guns! Profiling Show Jumper Olivia Stephenson

At just 12, Olivia Stephenson is a decorated show jumper, with medals from the Adequan/FEI North American Youth Championships and CSIO-Ch Nations’ Cups.


16 Days in Peru: Day 3 and We’re Golden, Baby!

A seasoned reported gets a bit emotional over the Canadian Dressage Team's gold medal in Lima, Peru and an automatic invite to Tokyo 2020.

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16 Days in Peru: Days 1 & 2

Lima is an interesting city that seems to be in a big hurry. The traffic is the stuff of nightmares - like Fast and Furious meets Mad Max with apparently no rules or speed limits.

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In Conversation with Jimmy Elder

Lindsay Day talks to Canadian equestrian Olympian Jimmy Day about his how equestrian sport in Canada started, his horses, and giving back.


Soldiers Saddle Up to Find Healing with the RCMP

Since 2013, Soldier On has partnered with the RCMP to give its members the opportunity to spend a week at the RCMP Musical Ride stables in Ottawa.


Dressage Master Christilot Boylen Embraces the Journey

Trailblazer Christilot Boylen, Canada’s most decorated dressage rider, continues to influence the sport from inside and outside the ring.

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Self-Carriage: Flexing the Poll is a Key to Good Balance

Part 3 of Josh Nichol’s series on achieving self-carriage looks at how flexion at the horse’s poll is the key to balance and softness.

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The Dangers of Ticks and Lyme Disease in Horses

Riding in forests and long grass leaves you and your horse vulnerable to ticks. Find out how to deal with them, and reduce the risk of Lyme disease.

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Train Your Horse Not to Kick Out at Other Horses on Trail

Does your horse kick out at other horses when they come close on a trail ride, or in the arena? Try these tips from trainer Jason Irwin.

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Five Horse Lovers Who Followed Their Dreams and Changed Their Lives

These five people left successful careers to follow their dreams, change their lives, and carve out a place for themselves in the horse industry.