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Energy Needs of the Competition Horse

Inadequate nutrition represents a significant detriment to performance. Make sure your horse's feed program allows him to perform to his full potential.


Equine Nutrition Needs for Healthy Hooves & Hair

To support hoof and hair health, it is important that the nutrients that contribute to keratin synthesis are in adequate amounts in your horse’s diet.


Equine Nutrition Basics: Grass Hay vs Legume Hay

Horse hay is made from different types of grasses and/or legumes. Find out which type will meet your horse’s nutritional requirements.


Nutrition Chops

Do you know how to provide your horse with a balanced diet? Equine nutritionist Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D. challenges you to take our quiz and find out.


Feeding to Put on Weight

Try these equine nutritionist approved feeding strategies to help horses who are under-conditioned gain weight and become healthier.


Botulism in Horses

Did you know horses can get botulism from eating haylage? Find out how haylage is made, how botulism develops, and how to recognize it in your horse.


The Nutritional Benefits of Seeds

Recently, horse owners are introducing seeds into their horse’s diets, including flax (linseed), chia, sunflower, and even hemp seeds.


Weight Loss Strategies for Horses

Equine nutritionist Shannon Pratt-Phillips helps horse owners develop a plan to help overweight horses get healthy, by eating less and moving more.


Feeding for a Long Career

Nutrition affects every aspect of equine health. As such, nutrition has a profound impact on the soundness and usefulness of the horse.


Nutrition for Healthy Hooves

Understanding hoof nutrition from amino acids to zinc, plus a collection of products to keep your horse’s feet comfortable and looking great.