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Blueprint for Disaster: Construction Law

From holdbacks to owner liability, knowing the ins and outs of construction law can mean the difference between a successful project or a nightmare.


Taking a Leap on a Syndicate

This article highlights what syndicates are, and how they are becoming a popular method of buying a nice horse without having to ‘sell the farm.’


Law: Eurocommerce London Aftermath

The Ins and Outs of Purchasing Horses at Forced Auction

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Recent Changes to the Tax Treatment of the Horse Businesses

For those operating horse businesses, the Federal tax system has imposed a barrier unique to the horse industry and other farming industries.


Legal with Robin Trupp – Shockwave Therapy: Where’s the Proof?

Without a test, the USEF’s new rule on the timing and administration of shockwave therapy is open to a great deal of debate.


Legal with Robert Trupp

Do You Have a case? The Challenges of Veterinarian Malpractice Claims.


Legal: To Clone or Not to Clone?

The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) currently precludes the registration of horses produced by any cloning process.


Vets and the Law

The big question in cases that end up in court is usually the determination of the standard of care expected of the veterinarian.


Legal with Robin Trupp – Try Before You Buy?

If the owner wants the horse shown to raise its visibility for a possible sale, without spending his own money, a lease can be a good way to accomplish that


Legal: Competing for Competition

Costs for exhibitors and competition between show organizers go hand-in-hand