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The Perfect Tail Braid

For supplies, just as with mane braiding you will need a bucket, sponge, scissors, pull-through, 2-12′ and one 3′ length of matching yarn and a stepstool.

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The Perfect Braid Job

If you are willing to put in the time, braiding your own horse is an excellent way to save money and you will have a great sense of accomplishment.


How to: Become a Career Groom

A groom does far more than just brush horses; they are responsible for overall care. Some duties that are required of grooms are outlined in this article.


Professional Braiders: The Unsung Heroes

For those who think braiding requires little work, Natalie Gascho’s advice is frank. ‘Make sure you aren’t afraid to work no matter what,’ she cautions.


Mane Trimming without Pulling

Does your horse hate to have their mane pulled? Well, wash the mane with some horse shampoo and conditioner and follow this easy guide on how to trim.


How to Clean Brushes

Rather than allowing grime to build up on your horse’s brushes, take a few moments to clean them and remove the dirt, hair and dander each time you use them