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Caring for Thoroughbreds from Breeders Stakes to Hunter Classics

With a foot in both the show and racing worlds, Stacey Krembil has been a powerful advocate for the Thoroughbred and has a favourite in the Breeders Stakes.

By: Kim Izzo

How Often Should a Horse’s Feet be Trimmed?

How often a horse’s feet should be trimmed depends on a number of factors, but there are some general rules of thumb. Find out what will work for your horse

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Treating Hoof Puncture Wounds

Expert advice on what to do and what not to do if you discover a puncture wound in your horse’s hoof, to prevent further damage and ensure proper healing.

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Harrie Smolders: Show Jumping’s “Nice Guy”

Harrie Smolders recently achieved his life’s ambition after a decade of hovering in the FEI world ranking’s top 25 – he reached the pinnacle: World No. 1.


Report of Mares Bred Fee to TAA

In a continuing effort to support the aftercare of retired Thoroughbred racehorses the Jockey Club has implemented a Report of Mares Bred fee.


70th Anniversary of Manitoba Derby

A look at the history of the Manitoba Derby, which just celebrated its platinum edition at Assiniboia Downs, with the 70th running on August 6th.

By: Bob Gates
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How do I keep my Heels Down?

Trainer Lindsay Grice explains why it’s important for horseback riders to keep their heels down in the stirrups, and how to maintain the position.

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Winona Hartvikson: Fast Track to the Top

Canadian Para-Dressage rider Winona (Noni) Hartvikson and her Andalusian gelding are aiming for success at the 2018 World Equestrian Games.

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Rebranding the Young Riders Championship

The rebranded FEI/Adequan North American Youth Championship (NAYC), presented by Gotham North, is off to a much-anticipated fresh start in 2018.

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Teach Your Horse to Lower His Head for the Bridle

If your horse won't stay still to be bridled, and physical pain has been ruled out, try positive reinforcement to teach him to lower his head and be still.

By: Anne Gage