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Equine Pain Management

How to tell when your horse is in pain, and how to deal with it...


Equine Welfare Guidelines

Equine welfare guidelines are in development....

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Has Drug Testing Gone Too Far?

In the race to try to stop those from gaining an edge with performance enhancing drugs, have the testing protocols become too precise and are the results being interpreted fairly in Canada?...


The Difference Between Head-Tossing and Head-Shaking in Horses

A new study reveals the cause of head-tossing in horses is not the same as head-shaking....


Administering Oral Medications

Learn how to make administering oral medication, such as dewormers, stress-free....


New Cells, New Hope

Stem cell research has led to new cells giving new hope to horse owners as an effective tool to repair damaged tendons....


Equine Herpes Virus

Dr Joan Norton discusses the cause, treatment and prevention of Equine Herpes Virus-1, the infectious disease which just won't go away....

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How Can I Tell that my Horse has a Gastric Ulcer?

Western College of Veterinary Medicine's Fernando J. Marqués, DVM, explains what causes gastric ulcers and how to prevent them....


Bad Vibrations?

Is whole-body vibration therapy helpful or harmful to horses?...


Herbal Immune Boosters & Natural Detoxifiers

A look at herbal treatments and natural detoxifiers for improved immune system health – what to expect, and what to be careful of....

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