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Early Diagnosis of Cartilage Damage

Ontario Veterinary College researcher, Dr. Mark Hurtig, is developing a new non-invasive way to assess cartilage health....


Activated Carbon: Bogus or Bonus?

Find out if feeding activated carbon supplements can help improve your horse’s health, and if there are any risks associated with feeding them. ...


Complications in Late-Term Pregnancy

Your mare was successfully bred, confirmed in foal, and made it through the often precarious early months of pregnancy without any problems. You heave a sigh of relief and relax, thinking your mare is home-free ... but is she?...


At Issue: The EHV-1 Threat Part 2

What Canada must do to minimize the risk...


A Look at Laminitis

Causes and treatment of this second leading cause of death in horses behind colic....

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Winter Water Woes

The importance of fresh water in the winter...


Joint Medication of the Future

Researchers are working to improve joint medications....

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8 Simple Stretches for Your Horse

Registered equine massage therapist, Marguerite Old, shares eight simple exercises for improved flexibility and strength....

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Winter Care for “Delicate” Horses

Winter can be tough on senior horses and other hard keepers. Get tips on how to get them through comfortably....

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Does Heart Size Affect Equine Athletic Performance?

Does heart size affect equine athletic performance? Echocardiograph studies play an important role in determining the correlation....

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