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Equine Veterinary Research in Canada: An Update

The five faculties of veterinary medicine in Canada are involved in a wide range of equine research that looks into health, behaviour, management, welfare and other investigations that serve to benefit not only horses, but other animals and humans, t...


Matters of the Heart

Understanding heart health and heart disease and failure in horses....


Stuck Stifles: Upward Fixation of the Patella

Find out what to do about upward fixation of the patella - the term used to describe a condition in which a ligament hooks over a piece of bone, causing the stifle joint to "lock."...

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New Treatment for Navicular Possible

A new procedure is being tested at Tufts University's Cummings School of Medicine to ease a horse's pain and stimulate bone growth,...

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The Pre-Purchase Exam

Checking under a horse’s hood....


Complications in Late-Term Pregnancy

Your mare was successfully bred, confirmed in foal, and made it through the often precarious early months of pregnancy without any problems. You heave a sigh of relief and relax, thinking your mare is home-free ... but is she?...

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Separating the “Boys” from the Boys

Find out when, why, and how stallions are castrated, with advice on proper handling and aftercare. Also learn why some horse owners opt to 'spay' their mares....


The Mosquito Triple Threat

Canada's foremost expert on mosquito-borne viruses is warning that we are due for outbreaks of WNV, EEE and WEE. Find out what you can do to protect your horse....


Administering Oral Medications

Learn how to make administering oral medication, such as dewormers, stress-free....


What’s New in Equine Research

Updates on equine research across Canada from stem cells, sudden-death syndrome, proud flesh and other pertinent racehorse ailments...

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