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Genetics: Circadian Rhythms and Racehorse Performance

New research on a horse's biorhythms and gene reaction....


Equine Osteoarthritis

The realities of this crippling disease, and what the future may hold for sufferers...


Outdoor vs Indoor Boarding

Horse owners and experts discuss the pros and cons of indoor vs outdoor boarding. ...


Is the RICE Protocol Helpful for Horses?

How and when to use the Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation protocol....


Avoiding Drug Contamination

There have been an increasing amount of cases of horses testing positive to micro-levels of methamphetamines lately. Why it's happening – and how you can avoid becoming a victim....


A Long Road to Recovery: Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Learn how to increase your horse's odds of recovery following a strain, sprain or tear....

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Equine CSI: Solving the Mystery of Death Through Necropsies

Necropsies are performed post-mortem in order to answer questions about the cause and circumstances of death....


How Can I Tell if My Horse is Lame?

Learn how to perform a lameness exam from head to toe, using these visual and hands-on inspection tips from Melissa McKee, DVM. ...


Joint Medication of the Future

Researchers are working to improve joint medications....

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Rural Equine Vet Shortage

What can be done to ensure veterinary services to far-flung horse owners?...

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