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3D Printing Joints

Vets at the OVC will soon be able to use 3D printed models of joints to practice ultrasound-guided joint injections....


Can’t Move a Muscle: Tying Up

While tying up can be a one-time occurrence, certain horses are predisposed to repeated events warranting diagnostic investigation and preventative action....


Does My Horse Have a Hernia?

Could that swelling on your horse’s belly be a hernia? Find out how to recognize and treat them....


Airway Remodeling in Heaves

Researchers at the University of Montreal study the effect of heaves on smooth muscle surrounding horses' airways....


Shock Wave of the Future

First used on humans, shock wave therapy is controversial but proving to be a popular treatment for tendon, ligament and many other injuries in racehorses...


Conformation (part 1): Head, Neck & Body

Just like us, horses come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. ...


Tackling Common Equine Ailments

Get advice on a selection of common equine ailments from colic to thrush. ...


Outing Ulcers

The formation of gastric ulcers is multifactorial and in order to treat and prevent them we must ensure the health of our horse's stomach. Through management styles, supplements to promote gastric health and appropriate treatment when needed, we can ...


Going Natural

Combining conventional veterinary care with alternative medicine can result in the best outcome for your horse....


Tooth Problems in Older Horses

Find out which dental issues to watch for in senior horses. ...

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