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The Underrun Heel

A common ailment of the hoof that affects all three areas is a condition known as the underrun heel, this article goes into detail about what this means.

By: Hans Wiza


Most experts now agree that confining horses to stalls and feeding them concentrated feeds increases the risk of developing stereotypies.


12 Feeding Myths

How many of these commonly heard statements do you believe? Find out which feeding beliefs have a grain of truth to them and which are myths.


Solving Common Training Issues

Most of these training issues can be resolved by going back to basics and establishing relaxation and balance through correct bend.

By: Anne Gage
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Animal Welfare – Legislation in Canada

Catherine Willson reviews the animal welfare legislation in Canada.


The First Ride

Humour columnist Doug Breen tries to imagine that the first ride was like for the first brave caveman.