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Heart and Soul: Surviving Pericarditis

The emotional rollercoaster of finding and almost losing your equine soulmate....


Bad Vibrations?

Is whole-body vibration therapy helpful or harmful to horses?...

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New Treatment for Navicular Possible

A new procedure is being tested at Tufts University's Cummings School of Medicine to ease a horse's pain and stimulate bone growth,...


Equitable Arrangements: Psychological Well-being For Elite Performance Horses

Meeting the psychological needs of today’s performance horses...


A Vital Skill: Taking Vital Signs

Learn how to take a horse's vital signs and why it's so important to know what's normal in times of illness and injury....

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Alternative vs Traditional Treatments

The pros and cons of using complementary therapies, with advice on how to do so safely, from traditional vets and alternative therapists....


Potomac Horse Fever: A Water-borne Worry

Potomac horse fever is a potentially fatal gastrointestinal disease that strikes in the summer months, causing, among other symptoms, depression, decreased appetite, diarrhea and, at its worst, laminitis. It affects any breed, age or sex of horse....

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Iceberg Injury

How an insignificant-looking cut nearly ended a horse’s life....


Dewormer Warning

Use caution when deworming horses because certain products can be poisonous to other pets....


Hind Leg Conformation

What is the difference between sickle-hocked, cow-hocked, and post-legged, and how do they affect soundness?...

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