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Custom Chaps

Spiff up your riding wardrobe with a custom pair of chaps. ...


Saddle Pad Savvy

Learn how to choose the correct saddle pad for your needs....


Training Tools from the Fringe

Innovative inventions for specific situations - and their many and varied claims....


Traditional Saddles vs. Treeless Saddles

Discover the pros and cons of riding in traditional saddles with trees compared to today's treeless saddles, according to the experts who design and fit them and the riders who use them....


Fit to Ride

Check your saddle's fit regularly for your horse's comfort and performance with these 7 simple steps....


How Safe is Your Safety Equipment?

For thousands of riders every year, their ride ends up with a trip to the emergency room. We look at helmets, safety vests and stirrups – how they protect, and how effective they are....

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Breastplates & Cruppers: Front to Back Saddle Stabilization

Solve saddle slipping woes with correctly fitted breastplates and cruppers....


Are Bits “Bronze Age” Technology?”

For nearly 60 years, Dr. Robert Cook has studied the horse’s mouth, ear, nose and throat - so he knows more than most about the effects of bits....

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