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Weight Loss Strategies for Horses

Develop a plan to help your overweight horse get healthy....


Gluten Sensitivity

Can horses have a sensitivity to gluten?...


Should I Feed Bran Mash as a Winter Treat?

Learn more about the nutritional merits of bran mash....


The Role of Antioxidants in Equine Nutrition

Find out how oxidative stress affects your horse, and what you can do to combat cell-damaging free radicals in his system....


Electrolytes for Hard-Working Athletes

Competition horses, especially those at the highest levels of the sport, have specific nutrient needs, including the replacement of electrolytes lost through sweating....


Estimating a Horse’s Body Weight

It’s important to know a horse’s weight when formulating a diet or medication dosage for the animal. Keeping track of fluctuations in weight can also help managers to identify early changes in condition....


Selenium Toxicity and Deficiency

Selenium, one of the most interesting of all nutrients, was known for its toxicity before being identified as an essential nutrient. Selenium is important in immune response and as an anticarcinogen. The power of its antioxidant activity has been wid...


Hay 101

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, PhD, explains that not all hay is created equal and offers hints on purchasing and feeding this diet staple....


Haylage for Horses?

The pros and cons of feeding haylage....


Herbal Immune Boosters & Natural Detoxifiers

A look at herbal treatments and natural detoxifiers for improved immune system health – what to expect, and what to be careful of....

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