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Equine Metabolic Syndrome: Too Much of a Good Thing?

A fat horse is not necessarily a happy horse, no matter how much he loves his food. Find out how high-sugar, high-starch diets harm horses and what you can do, naturally, to treat and prevent the damage....


Cereal Grains

Horses are fed cereal grains such as oats, corn and barley, primarily to increase the energy density of their diet. ...


Formulating a Feed Program for: A Horse Coming Into Work

As your horse's workload increases, so will his nutrient requirements. Take a look at two examples of how to provide a balanced diet for a horse starting light work....


Selenium Toxicity and Deficiency

Selenium, one of the most interesting of all nutrients, was known for its toxicity before being identified as an essential nutrient. Selenium is important in immune response and as an anticarcinogen. The power of its antioxidant activity has been wid...


Feeding for Senior Citizens

More horses are living upwards of 20 to even 30 years of age, thanks to improvements in preventive health care and nutrition. Because of this, there is also an increased focus on feeding the senior or geriatric horse, with research conducted to highl...


Cut the Feeding Frenzy

Slow feeders are designed to help horses eat a controlled amount of hay which mimics natural grazing....


Feeding Horses Recovering from Colic Surgery

Your horse has come through colic surgery with flying colours, but what should his diet consist of while he recovers?...


Understanding Amino Acids

Make sure your horse gets the protein he needs by providing essential amino acids in his diet....

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Feeding the Equine Athlete for Optimum Performance

Getting the best possible performance from an equine athlete requires not just excellent fitness and training, but also excellent feeding and nutrition to fuel the work effort....


Equine Nutrition Basics: Grass Hay vs Legume Hay

Grass vs legume hay – which one should you choose?...

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