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From Desk to Derby

Follow the intrepid Liz Brown as she goes from desk jockey to Mongol Derby competitor....

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Smashing Stereotypes

A reluctant racing Standardbred finds a home and two new careers....


Thinking Outside the Box

The challenges faced by horse show organizers to host a competition that appeals to exhibitors, sponsors, and spectators is a trying task at the best of times. In a recovering economy that has left consumers with less disposable income, show organize...

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From the Stable to the Table

Reporter Liz Brown takes us inside the Canadian horse meat industry, posing difficult questions and exposing hard truths....


Magical Albert

Will an injured mare and her premature foal beat the odds?...


Hot Horse Docs

Get the inside scoop on the latest and greatest horse films you’re going to want to watch....


The Mustang Mystique: How You Can Own a Piece of the Wild

Have you ever dreamed of bringing home a wild mustang, but weren’t sure how, or even if it was possible to do so as a Canadian? ...

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Paulick: Evaluating Statistics Important to The Game

In many ways, the game has changed, but statistical evaluations haven’t....


A Pony at Last: The Gift of a Lifetime

A pony is the perfect gift...for kids of all ages....


Paulick Report: Numbers Game

The rich in horse racing are getting richer over time....

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