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10 Amazing Facts About Equine Smell

Here are 10 amazing facts about the equine sense of smell, which, though not as impressive as dogs’, is still way better than humans’.

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How Do Horses Feel About Participating in Therapy?

Are horses that work in Equine Assisted Therapy experiencing stress or anxiety by working with traumatized humans? Study results may surprise you.


Canadian Rules for Measuring Ponies

Over the past few years, Equestrian Canada has made changes to their rules for measuring ponies. If you plan to show, you’d better get up-to-date on them.

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A Canadian Learns the Meaning of Being a Horsewoman in the UK

Horse Sport’s fashionista Stefania Evans gives us a glimpse of what it’s like for a Canadian horsewoman entrenched in the British lifestyle.

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The Horses are at the Heart of Heartland

The equine actors in the wildly successful Canadian TV drama Heartland are just as important as the human ones. Meet some of the show’s equine stars.


The Horse Welfare Crisis in Ontario and Beyond

Animal welfare enforcement is in flux in this country, and in some areas, in crisis. People want to know where to turn when they see horses in trouble.

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Significant Horse Racing Statistics to Ponder

In this annual statistical review of the Canadian Thoroughbred, Ray Paulick highlights some interesting facts from horse racing past and present.

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Equestrian Canada’s Vision for the Future

Horse Sport spoke with Equestrian Canada president Meg Krueger about some of the key points of the Strategic Initiatives Plan 2018-2022.


Conspiracy Theories Abound in Horse Racing

Ray Paulick recounts the conspiracy theories he’s heard about stewards or placing judges who are “out to get” the downtrodden horseplayer.


How to Become a Carded Equestrian Athlete

Being a carded equestrian athlete can provide riders with medal potential the means to train and compete. Learn how the system works, and who is eligible.