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Foot Perfect

Nearly 80 percent of all lameness issues stem from problems in the hoof. Horse Sport looks at what's going on inside and outside the hoof, what can go wrong, and how to fix it....


Clogs for Horses

An innovative approach to therapeutic shoeing...

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Top 22 Shoeing FAQs

Could your horse benefit from wearing shoes? Certified journeyman farrier, Jonathan Taylor, explains the whys, hows, whats and whens of horseshoeing to help you decide....


Hoof Mechanics Makeovers

Farrier Hans Wiza uses three different case studies to demonstrate how even just one geometry-based shoeing can make a huge difference in a horse's hoof conformation and movement....

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Saving Sunny

A journey through founder...


Dealing With Hoof Abscesses

Lea Riddell, DVM, explains how to deal with different types of hoof abscesses....


Hoof Abscesses

Identifying, treating and preventing this source of pain for the horse and frustration for the owner...


What Should I Do if My Horse Punctures a Hoof?

Melissa McKee, DVM, explains what to do if you discover a nail or other penetrating object in your horse's hoof....


How Often Should a Horse’s Feet be Trimmed?

Recommended frequency for trimming....


Why Go Barefoot?

Barefoot trimmer, Anne Riddell, explains, it’s not just a matter of forsaking the shoes....

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