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Going Barefoot

It might raise a few eyebrows, but Marc Blouin is finding going shoeless works when it comes to his band of thoroughbreds....


Buyer’s Guide: Hoof Care Tools

What's in your farrier's tool kit?...


What Should I Do if My Horse Punctures a Hoof?

Melissa McKee, DVM, explains what to do if you discover a nail or other penetrating object in your horse's hoof....

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Foot Perfect

Nearly 80 percent of all lameness issues stem from problems in the hoof. Horse Sport looks at what's going on inside and outside the hoof, what can go wrong, and how to fix it....


Why Go Barefoot?

Barefoot trimmer, Anne Riddell, explains, it’s not just a matter of forsaking the shoes....


The Underrun Heel

A common ailment of the hoof that affects all three areas is a condition known as the "underrun heel". ...


Check Out What’s New in Equine Performance Hoofwear

A look at the evolution of the horse shoe and choosing the best option for your horse....


Nutrition for Healthy Hooves

How to feed and care for your horse's hooves....

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White Line Disease: An Infection of Opportunity

Learn how to detect white line disease, a sneaky infection that can afflict any horse....

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