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Thoroughbred Broodmare Health

Dr. Tracey Chenier and Dr. Elizabeth Scholtz at the Ontario Veterinary College at Guelph discuss some of the current research topics in broodmare health....


Basic Equine Dental Care

To understand your horse's dental needs, you need to know what's going on in his mouth at each stage of his development, says certified equine dentist Grant MacKinnon of Prince Albert, SK. ...


Deconstructing Deworming, part 2

Get a better understanding of how to develop an effective deworming program and avoid drug resistance. ...


The Well-Stocked Equine Medicine Cabinet

Find out how to stock your equine medicine cabinet simply and sensibly. ...

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Antibiotic Resistance in Horses

Learn how the evolution of resistance may result in the inability to treat even the simplest infections....


How Can I Tell if My Horse is Lame?

Learn how to perform a lameness exam from head to toe, using these visual and hands-on inspection tips from Melissa McKee, DVM. ...

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Genetics: Circadian Rhythms and Racehorse Performance

New research on a horse's biorhythms and gene reaction....


Using Sedatives – For or Against?

Hear from veterinarians and horse owners about the pros and cons of using sedatives....


Stuck Stifles: Upward Fixation of the Patella

Find out what to do about upward fixation of the patella - the term used to describe a condition in which a ligament hooks over a piece of bone, causing the stifle joint to "lock."...


An Ounce of Prevention – Biosecurity for the Thoroughbred Industry

Preventing and managing disease outbreaks at the home farm and track...

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