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Dewormer Warning

Use caution when deworming horses because certain products can be poisonous to other pets....


Outing Ulcers

The formation of gastric ulcers is multifactorial and in order to treat and prevent them we must ensure the health of our horse's stomach. Through management styles, supplements to promote gastric health and appropriate treatment when needed, we can ...

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Do Horses See Colour?

While it is commonly believed that all animals are colour-blind, research has shown this is not the case....


Link Between Blood Sucrose and Ulcers

Researchers are looking for a better way to diagnose ulcers in horses....


Does My Horse Have Colic?

As winter sets in, changes in feed and water-freezing temperatures can create the ideal conditions for colic....


Herbal Immune Boosters & Natural Detoxifiers

A look at herbal treatments and natural detoxifiers for improved immune system health – what to expect, and what to be careful of....


Health Q&A

What is 'roaring' and does it affect performance?...


Administering Oral Medications

Learn how to make administering oral medication, such as dewormers, stress-free....


Potomac Horse Fever: A Water-borne Worry

Potomac horse fever is a potentially fatal gastrointestinal disease that strikes in the summer months, causing, among other symptoms, depression, decreased appetite, diarrhea and, at its worst, laminitis. It affects any breed, age or sex of horse....


Can Horses Choke?

Swift action is key when your horse is choking....

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