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Oh, Poo!

Diarrhea happens...but when does it constitute an emergency situation?...


Hind Leg Conformation

What is the difference between sickle-hocked, cow-hocked, and post-legged, and how do they affect soundness?...


Concussion Protocols at EC Shows

Horse show steward Jan Stephens reviews Equestrian Canada’s Concussion Protocol....


Sweat Inequity

Learn about how electrolyte loss affects horses, the dangers of dehydration and how to prevent it....


Matters of the Heart

Understanding heart health and heart disease and failure in horses....


Cough! Cough! Equine Respiratory Disease

Your horse is coughing. Does he have a simple cold that will be gone in a few days, or is it something more serious? ...

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New Treatment for Navicular Possible

A new procedure is being tested at Tufts University's Cummings School of Medicine to ease a horse's pain and stimulate bone growth,...


Treating Hoof Puncture Wounds

How to safely deal with hoof puncture wounds....


What Can I Do About Mud Fever?

Learn how to treat and prevent this common bacterial infection, which leaves painful sores on your horse’s heels....


Adaptation and Conditioning of the Musculoskeletal System

Optimal performance in the racehorse is dependent on the healthy functioning of all the components of the musculoskeletal system....

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