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Horses Helping Humans

New research looks for similarities between treating neonatal maladjustment syndrome in foals and autism in humans....

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Why I Can’t Afford to Breed an Ontario-bred Horse

Challenges facing Ontario Thoroughbred breeders....

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Breeder Awards Case Study: Ontario

Ontario’s Thoroughbred Improvement Program (TIP) was created in 1974 by the former Ontario Racing Commission along with members of the breeding and racing industries. ...


Mares Gone Wild

While female equines are generally sweet-tempered, some can suffer extremes of adverse behaviour....


Case Closed

The Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association, which established Warmbloods as a distinct breed in 1991, has triumphed after a 12-year controversy to ensure that they remain a distinct breed....


The Case for Breeder Awards Staying with OMAFRA

Government-funded awards should ensure the money is well managed and spent. ...


Complications in Late-Term Pregnancy

Your mare was successfully bred, confirmed in foal, and made it through the often precarious early months of pregnancy without any problems. You heave a sigh of relief and relax, thinking your mare is home-free ... but is she?...

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Built for the Job

Experts discuss hunter/jumper conformation: what to embrace, what to avoid, and how “ideal” is an elusive goal...


Daddy Duty: From Racing Stallion to Stud Service

Tips for transitioning a racing stallion to stud service....


The Miracle of Minis

These pint-sized horses can bring joy to residents of hospitals and nursing homes...

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