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Born in the USA – Part III – Dressage

Jean Brinkman and Scott Hassler share the secrets of their success in the concluding episode of our series on first generation breeders in the United States....


The Miracle of Minis

These pint-sized horses can bring joy to residents of hospitals and nursing homes...

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Built for the Job

Experts discuss hunter/jumper conformation: what to embrace, what to avoid, and how “ideal” is an elusive goal...


Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome – Saving the “dummy foal”

Your mare has just had a foal. Perhaps the birth went smoothly, perhaps there were some difficulties - but either way, the foal is here. ...


Case Closed

The Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association, which established Warmbloods as a distinct breed in 1991, has triumphed after a 12-year controversy to ensure that they remain a distinct breed....


Assessing the Newborn Foal

My mare's first foal, a filly, arrived right at dinnertime. Within minutes, she untangled those gangly legs and found her way to her mother's udder....


Mares Gone Wild

While female equines are generally sweet-tempered, some can suffer extremes of adverse behaviour....


Health Q & A: What is a Chimera?

In Greek mythology, the Chimera (ki-mee-ra) was a fire-breathing monster, a hybrid composed of a lioness, a goat, and a snake. Sighting the Chimera was a portent of storms, shipwrecks, and volcanic eruptions....


The Perfect Nick

Pedigree nicks and Canada's top sires....

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