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Seasonal Pasture Myopathy

Peril in the pasture...

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Does My horse have Equine Metabolic Syndrome?

Learn how to recognize this metabolic disorder and minimize the damage it can cause....

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New Way to Treat Strangles

A veterinary case out of the UK has produced a new way to treat horses with strangles....


New Cells, New Hope

Stem cell research has led to new cells giving new hope to horse owners as an effective tool to repair damaged tendons....


Equine Infectious Anemia in Canada

Learn how environmental factors and management practices contribute to Equine Infectious Anemia, the disease also known as Swamp Fever....


Can I Give My Horse Injections, or Does a Vet Have to Do It?

Get advice on giving your horse intramuscular injections safely. ...


Pigeon Fever

The good news - and the bad news - about a disease that has nothing at all to do with birds...


Activated Carbon: Bogus or Bonus?

Find out if feeding activated carbon supplements can help improve your horse’s health, and if there are any risks associated with feeding them. ...


Sweat Inequity

Learn about how electrolyte loss affects horses, the dangers of dehydration and how to prevent it....

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