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Saving the Septic Foal

Sepsis is an extreme systemic inflammatory response which develops when a foal becomes infiltrated with bacteria and infection spreads unchecked.

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8 Simple Stretches for Your Horse

Registered equine massage therapist, Marguerite Old, shares eight simple exercises and stretches for improved flexibility and strength.

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How to Recognize & Manage Pain

Learn how to identify when and why your horse is in pain, and how to offer effective relief. Plus, tips on preventing injury.

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Weight Watching

Achieving and maintaining a healthy body condition score and body weight can be one of the most important things you do for your horse in its life.

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Is Floating My Horse’s Teeth Really Necessary?

Floating refers to filing off sharp points on the teeth, which develop as the result of the circular chewing pattern horses employ to grind their feed.


Rider Fitness: Cardio & Core

Studies show the more fun you make exercise, the better choices you make relative to nutrition and the better results you will feel and experience overall.

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The Glanders Menace

This deadly and tenacious multi-species disease continues to pop up around the planet.

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Tendons: Injuries & Healing

Deep snow, plus hard and slippery ground can lead to tendon injuries. Learn what you can do to reduce the risk.

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What is Laminitis?

Laminitis is caused by a disruption in the junction between the sensitive and insensitive tissues of the hoof, known as the basement membrane.

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4 Tips for Selecting Supplements

Whether it is a joint, metabolic, respiratory, or other type of supplements, consider the following to find the product that best suits your horse’s needs.