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Feeding for Weight Gain

While many horse owners struggle to keep their easy keepers lean, others have the opposite problem: their horses need to gain weight. ...


Three Reasons to Feed Oils

Why to feed oils, plus how, which type and how much....


Why is Colostrum so Important?

Q: What is colostrum, and why is it so important for the newborn foal? ...

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Regulating Natural Health Products for Animals in Canada

Find out what Health Canada is doing to ensure that natural products for animals are safe and effective. ...


Does My Horse Need Salt?

Q: Does my horse really need a salt lick?...


Does My Horse Need Vitamin D in the Winter?

Find out if you need to provide a Vitamin D supplement for your horse during the winter months. ...


Adding Oil to Feed

Find out how to boost the calories in your horse's diet to help put on weight by adding oil to his feed....


Nutrition for Healthy Hooves

How to feed and care for your horse's hooves....

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