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Skin Tumours: Not Your Ordinary Bumps

Three types of skin tumours affect horses: sarcoids, squamous cell carcinomas and melanomas. They are more than just “bumps” and should be taken seriously.


The Well-Stocked Equine Medicine Cabinet

Find out how to stock your equine medicine cabinet simply and sensibly. This articles goes through what you should have and what is unnecessary.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy: Magic Bullet or All Hype?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is where a patient is placed in a sealed chamber and exposed to oxygen at several times the normal atmospheric pressure.


How Do I Manage Bleeding Wounds?

Some wounds will bleed very extensively and if an artery is severed, it can squirt out in pulsations or a constant stream. Try not to panic.


Equine Rehabilitation

In this article learn about the latest physiotherapy treatments designed to optimize performance and aid in equine rehabilitation.


Using Sedatives – For or Against?

In this article hear from veterinarians and horse owners about the pros and cons of using sedatives, and whether you should be against them or for them.


Administering Oral Medications

Practicing the following steps with a variety of tasty treats rather than the oral medications will quickly help turn the process into a positive experience


Administering Eye Medications

This article is intended to help readers administer the eye medication, or medications, veterinarians may recommend in order to help their horse.


Equine Chiropractic’s Coming of Age

Could your horse benefit from a visit to the equine chiropractor? Find out which issues chiropractic therapy could potentially help.


Cough! Cough! Equine Respiratory Disease

The two most common reasons why horses cough are respiratory infection and recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), also known as heaves.