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Should I Feed Bran Mash as a Winter Treat?

Learn more about the nutritional merits of bran mash....


Adding Oil to Feed

Find out how to boost the calories in your horse's diet to help put on weight by adding oil to his feed....


Causes of Poor Appetite in Horses: Tempting the Picky Eater

Why is your horse refusing the feed you offer him?...


What Can I Feed My Horse to Help Improve His Hoof Quality?

Equine nutritionist Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D. dishes on feeding for healthy feet....


Healthy Treats

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., offers advice on choosing healthy and convenient treats to use as food rewards....


Forages: The primary component of your horse’s diet

Forages are the edible stems and leaves of non-woody plants that make up a significant portion of the horse's diet. The most common forages fed to horses include hay and pasture, but haylage and silage may be considered forages as well. It is said th...


The Role of Antioxidants in Equine Nutrition

Find out how oxidative stress affects your horse, and what you can do to combat cell-damaging free radicals in his system....

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Feeding the Equine Athlete for Optimum Performance

Getting the best possible performance from an equine athlete requires not just excellent fitness and training, but also excellent feeding and nutrition to fuel the work effort....


Feeding Frenzy: Trends and Myths in Feed

Dr. Shannon-Pratt Phillips investigates new trends and myths in feed for your racehorse...

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Feeds for Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., provides feeding advice for horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome....

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