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4 Tips for Selecting Supplements

Learn how to choose a the right supplement for your horse's needs. ...


Electrolytes for Hard-Working Athletes

Competition horses, especially those at the highest levels of the sport, have specific nutrient needs, including the replacement of electrolytes lost through sweating....


Cereal Grains

Horses are fed cereal grains such as oats, corn and barley, primarily to increase the energy density of their diet. ...


Forages: The primary component of your horse’s diet

Forages are the edible stems and leaves of non-woody plants that make up a significant portion of the horse's diet. The most common forages fed to horses include hay and pasture, but haylage and silage may be considered forages as well. It is said th...


Is it Safe to Feed Himalayan Salt to my Horse?

Because it is unprocessed, Himalayan salt contains numerous other minerals, but are they helpful?...


Winter Weight

Tips for preventing winter weight loss....


Avoiding Winter Health Woes

Proper management can alleviate the effects and frequency of some debilitating seasonal conditions....


Feeding for Senior Citizens

More horses are living upwards of 20 to even 30 years of age, thanks to improvements in preventive health care and nutrition. Because of this, there is also an increased focus on feeding the senior or geriatric horse, with research conducted to highl...


Yeast Culture for Digestive Health

Learn how to use yeast cultures, probiotics and prebiotics to improve digestibility....


Should I Warm my Horse’s Water When it’s Cold Out?

Find out why water intake is so important all year-round....

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