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Equine Supplements

Careful research and sensible feeding practices are necessary to avoid over-supplementing...


Should I Warm my Horse’s Water When it’s Cold Out?

Find out why water intake is so important all year-round....

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Feeding Salt and Minerals

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, PhD, discusses salt and mineral block options...


What do Hoof Rings Indicate?

Find out what the rings on your horse's hooves mean....

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Weight Watching

How to determine the ideal weight for your horse for health and soundness....


Soaking & Steaming Hay

Hay can be an excellent source of nutrition for most horses, and should be the major focus of every horse’s diet. However, some horses may have problems eating traditional, long-stem, dry hay....


Formulating a Feed Program for: A Senior or Retired Horse

Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., gives diet advice for geriatric or retired horses. ...


How to Collect Hay for Analysis

Learn how to collect hay properly in order to get the most out of a hay analysis. ...


Navicular Syndrome

Learn how to recognize, treat and prevent this devastating condition of the foot....


Feeding for Senior Citizens

More horses are living upwards of 20 to even 30 years of age, thanks to improvements in preventive health care and nutrition. Because of this, there is also an increased focus on feeding the senior or geriatric horse, with research conducted to highl...

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