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Cough! Cough! Equine Respiratory Disease

Your horse is coughing. Does he have a simple cold that will be gone in a few days, or is it something more serious? ...


Using Sedatives – For or Against?

Hear from veterinarians and horse owners about the pros and cons of using sedatives....


Equine Proliferative Enteropathy

Bacterial invasion threatens otherwise healthy foals...

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Vets Saving Third World Equines

Creating better lives for working equines abroad....


The Aliens Inside

Your horse's health depends greatly on the health of microscopic organisms that reside in his gastrointestinal tract. ...

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8 Simple Stretches for Your Horse

Registered equine massage therapist, Marguerite Old, shares eight simple exercises for improved flexibility and strength....


Outdoor vs Indoor Boarding

Horse owners and experts discuss the pros and cons of indoor vs outdoor boarding. ...

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Genetics: Circadian Rhythms and Racehorse Performance

New research on a horse's biorhythms and gene reaction....


Stem Cell Therapy Takes Recovery into the Future

Stem cell therapy is proving to be effective for treating soft tissue injuries better and faster....


How do I get my picky horse to drink water while travelling?

Some horses are reluctant to drink water while they're away from their home barn. This can cause a multitude of problems - not the least of which include dehydration, heat stroke, colic, etc. Here are a few suggestions for making water more palatable...

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