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My Neurotic Heart Horse

How Andrea Harrison, aka the Inadvertent Rescuer, discovered Mr. Neurotic, her “heart horse,” in Horse Canada magazine’s new Back Page series.

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Let’s Get Reacquainted with the Horse

Ray Paulick says there’s too much distance between horses and the majority of people living in the modern world, and it’s time to get reacquainted.

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Pink Lloyd Makes Up for Lost Time

It took three years for Pink Lloyd to make it to the races, but the sprinter has made up for lost time with victories in seven straight stakes races.

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Century Downs Sparks a New Beginning

Racing’s return to Calgary after a nine-year absence is part of a new beginning for thoroughbred racing in western Canada at Century Mile.

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Has Drug Testing Gone Too Far?

Have testing protocols for performance enhancing drugs in horse racing become too precise and are the results being interpreted fairly in Canada?

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Top 20 Horse Movies

Every horse lover has a favourite horse movie. Here are 20 beloved films starring talented equines horse lovers should check out.


Most Potent Broodmares in Manitoba

The most powerful broodmares in Manitoba is currently hiding out in the snow and bush at tire shop owner Charlie Fouillard’s farm in St. Lazare, MB.

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New Tech for Riders

From the latest in wearable tech for you and your horse to apps in development, there is lots of innovative technology available to equestrians.

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Pony Club: The Grassroots of the Equestrian World

Pony Club its members responsibility, sportsmanship, and good citizenship along with sound riding skills - qualities that are still relevant today.


Where Did All the Grooms Go?

Where have all the grooms gone? Industry experts examine the recent and troubling trend of stable staff shortages, its likely causes and possible solutions.