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Ask Us – Horses Eating Straw

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., discusses why horses sometimes eat straw....


Food for Thought

Do we truly understand the implications of what we feed horses? HSI takes a look at the latest research into sport horse nutrition....

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Lactose Intolerance in Foals

Can Foals be Lactose-Intolerant?...

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Feeds for Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., provides feeding advice for horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome....


Equine Metabolic Syndrome: Too Much of a Good Thing?

A fat horse is not necessarily a happy horse, no matter how much he loves his food. Find out how high-sugar, high-starch diets harm horses and what you can do, naturally, to treat and prevent the damage....

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How to Buy, Store, and Feed Hay

How to buy, store and feed the main ingredient in your horse’s diet....


Gluten Sensitivity

Can horses have a sensitivity to gluten?...


Yeast Culture for Digestive Health

Learn how to use yeast cultures, probiotics and prebiotics to improve digestibility....


Adding Oil to Feed

Find out how to boost the calories in your horse's diet to help put on weight by adding oil to his feed....


Transitioning From Pasture to Hay

Get advice on how to transition your horse from pasture to an all-hay diet over the winter....

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